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3.2.0 - Tagging and Prefixes


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I think it's nice to have the "Tagging & Prefixes" under one roof, but where it falls is that you may only want certain prefix's available... for example:

Classifieds Forum - Only Available Prefixes - "For Sale", "For Rent", "Looking For" etc etc - Hyperphetically speaking I may only want these, I would not want people to be able to start a forum with "Apple", "Gaddafi" or "Pear" etc etc - not good...and irrelevant..

Can I suggest Prefixes have some control/definible per Forum/category basis please?


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Please make sure prefixes can be set to mandatory per forum.

Examples for use would be similar to the OP.

For Sale

In a sales forum like this, I would need to enforce the pre-defined prefixes.

Prefix sets would be nice also, so I could just check a box to use this set in another forum.


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Some questions:

  • if some one forget to add a mandatory prefix before open a discussion, Will he receive some sort of pop-up to remember to choice a prefix before to open a new discussions?;
  • is it possible to have mandatory prefix to open a discussion and mandatory tags to replay to that discussion;
  • is it possible to add more prefixes to one single forum? For example if i have a forum about football I could be interested to have one prefix for each football team;
  • can the prefix be also added to a tag cloud? For example if I use Manchester United as prefix would be nice if "Manchester united" became also a "tag" in a classic tag cloud windows;
  • is it possible to add mass prefix to existing discussion inside an existing forum? For example, if I would like to merge two forum ("Windows Vista" and "Windows Seven") would be nice to add "Windows Vista" prefix to all the discussion inside the Vista forum (the same for the discussions inside the Seven forum) and then merge the two forum in one new forum where i can see the original discussions some marked as Vista and some as Seven;
  • What happen if I move a discussion from one forum to another? Will still keep the original prefix also if wasn't made for the new forum?;
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