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Finding Old Content

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It's driving me nuts that you can't easily find a member's posts odler than 1 year old. The only way is to do an advanced search and waste a minute or two selecting options. It may be conveneient that view content has so many tabs of content, but when it causes there to be this drawback I don't think it's even worth it. It would have eben better to not have tabs and have a dropdown to change the content type if it meant not losing a ton of past content.

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There's a setting that controls this: "Limit "Posts/Topics by this user" results to X days" in the Search Set-Up settings.

I am having this same problem, old posts are not showing up. The user in question has 66 posts that go back to 2008. I want to see them all. I found this setting and left X days blank. Now it shows some older posts but still not all of them. Also the message states: "There have been 13 items by xxxx (Search limited from 12-April 11)"
And the 13 posts showing are earlier than April 2011-2012.

Is there a trick I'm missing? I still want to see the other 53 posts.
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