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First off, our community is one dedicated to all kinds of horrendous coding (some by new users, some by great coders) so nearly every post has some form of code related tag (sql, php, c++, c, C#, perl, java, javascript, lua, basic blah blah).

Personally, you can keep all the features like farcebook, twonker and all that other rubbish, but is there going to be a major rethink on the bbcode formatting for [ code ] tags and the hideous use of prettify? At least a system that doesn't meltdown low spec machines. For instance, I use [Alex Gorbatchev] syntaxhighlighter v2 (there is a v3 but...) which causes no meltdowns, looks great, is customisable and can also be contained in a div that has width & height fixed (overflow taken care of with scrollbars)

I know I was shown a screenie of IPB 3.x with this in place but it seems it never quite made it to release and the hideous prettify was chosen, so any plans on making this (or something even better) available for us mere grunts?

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