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A few questions about 3.2


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I have been reading the blogs about 3.2.0 and I am loving what I am seeing being improved on. I love the new apps feature and I love the newway the board is going to handle alot of the new ideas that are coming out with the new ACP. I have a few questions about the front end of the board and maybe this can be answered here or in a few blog entries. New app management blog I read I posted a reply and really didn't get an answer to. Will the owner/rood admin of the board be able to move tabs on the front end (i,E. If they have IP.Content as their front page for their community Would this tab be able to be moved in front of the forum tab) and have their navigation laid out like they want it? Now on to the profile view With all the mod developers making tabs for the profile view if the current profile view is going to be kept in 3.2. How are we going to mange the tab overflow on this page?

I love what I am seeing thus far and I am happy that I use IP.Board for my community. I have used IP.Board for many years and I am impressed with what you guys have done with this software. Keep up the good work!

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