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Some of our members have exceeded the 50 friend limit that shows in the user profile.

Similar to 'Show All Status Updates,' it would be great if you added an if conditional (is that the right term?) that displays 'Show all Friends' and takes you to the Manage Friends list. The link would only show if the 50 friend threshold had been reached.

As it is right now, our members see only their 50 friends displayed and they think the person they just added did not go through. This leads to dual friending, I think, and at least frustration from the user perspective.

Hope I explained this clearly.



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Okay, total egg on face ... I never saw that during the long weekend when I was adding all our member's friending from an external db directly through phpmyadmin. I would keep checking the member profiles and it would stubbornly just show 50 and nothing more.

Can we delete this topic?

Thanks Michael.

- Brian

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