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Streamline Posting New Topic wasteland


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The area under the new topic text box looks like maybe changes were made here and there and it has gotten unnecessarily distended.

This may seem kind of basic and unimportant but isn't starting a new topic a fundamental forum user task? It deserves some design attention.

After entering text in the new topic text box, most users would naturally want to get to the Post New Topic button and be done with it. However, there are 7 rows of content, each taking up a disproportionate amount of space, to scroll past before getting to the Post New Topic button:

1) Attachments label row
2) Attachments browse box and controls
3) Attach This File button and upload quota info
4) Help with attaching files label row
5) Link to advanced uploader (box around these 2 rows also taking up space)
6) Options label row
7) Click to configure post options link
Then Post New Topic and Preview Post buttons and Cancel link.


Suggestion to conserve real estate:
1) Post Options button (see PS below)
2) Attachments label row
3) Attachments browse box and controls, with upload quota info to the right
4) Attach This File button and Advanced Uploader button
Then Post New Topic and Preview Post buttons and Cancel link.

There is no need to use real estate for the redundant Options label row. Post Options, which had been sequestered from the post by the intervening Attachments material, is placed adjacent to it.

PS Manage Topics Poll button should be moved down under the text box, maybe next to Post Options button, see

PPS I see someone else took a shot at this a couple of years ago

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