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I appreciate all the support I've gotten through support tickets.

There are a couple of things that are very confusing about the system:

1) When I enter a ticket in the system, I get an e-mail with the subject Ticket Received. The body of the mail includes the subject of the ticket. The ticket number is embedded in a long URL that opens the ticket in the IPS client area.

2) When support responds to a ticket, I get an e-mail containing the response, with the ticket number in the subject.

(Getting the answer in e-mail is very helpful. It's faster than continually checking the client area and I can file the e-mail in folders in my e-mail system.)

However, although the body of the e-mail contains support's response to my question, the subject of the query is not anywhere in this e-mail. This can be confusing when support advises something like: "to do that, you have to edit the css" -- which could apply to a number of my queries.

To find the subject, I have to look for the Ticket Received mail, but the Ticket Received mail is not identified by ticket number in my e-mail list. I have to search for it.

3) If I want to read the whole thread of a ticket and responses in my client area, the tickets are listed by subject, not by number. This makes it impossible to match something I've been reading in e-mail to the ticket thread in the client area.

Suggestions for a better support system:

1) Include ticket number in the subject line of the Ticket Received mail. Then, in my e-mail list, I can find it and its associated responses, which have the ticket number in their subject lines.

2) Include the subject of the query in support's e-mail response so I know what the response pertains to.

3) Include the ticket number in the client area list, so I can match my e-mail threads to the threads on the site.

What I'm asking for is that all three vehicles, Ticket Received mail, support e-mail, and on-site ticket thread, contain the same identifying information: ticket number and subject of query. It would be best if they all contained the same info in their Subject fields.

3) Include ticket number in the

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