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3.2.0: complete improvement of language system needed!

Adriano Faria

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Just to remind you guys from IPS, don't forget of LANGUAGE SYSTEM in IP.Board 3.2.0. As you all know, this is an issue since 3.0.0!

The current language system fails when you use more than 1 language and translate the apps!

Example: if I use English and Brazilian Portuguese (or any other foreigner language) and use any app (Gallery, Download, Blog, third-party add-ons (tutorials, ticket system, etc) ), when you translate those apps and upload the XML, now you got both languages sets using the same translated files (XML), when should translate only one!

You need to find a way to make the translation update only one!


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I would also like to add that ALL the Navigation bar tabs should also have separate translation strings. At least as I have noted, some apps don't have a separate string and "translate" via the name setting in system settings for the app. Which means dual language boards cannot change the name for two (or more) languages.

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