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VNC / Search Suggestion.....


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This may not be for everyone, but I know it would be great for us. If we could have the option to turn OFF the tabs that appear after a search (for Forums, Blogs, Articles, Etc) and just show ALL RESULTS in one list....along with an icon than identifies them as a blog entry, forum post, etc.

This would be ideal for us. All of the forums we run are used to vbulletin and that's how they do it. Users arent going to click on those tabs after a search, or after using VNC, so I would love to just show them all matching content at once.


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Well I think if we could just have posts, blog posts, articles and maybe forums show up like vbulletin does, that would suffice. At least users would be getting all new content that way.

My other suggestion was to at least number those tabs with the number of content items in each one. LIke the CHAT tab does when someone is is it. At least that way some attention would be drawn to the content items in those other tabs.

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