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Download: Elliott Brown's IP.Content Customizations (Navbar and Sidebar)


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File Name: Elliott Brown's IP.Content Customizations (Navbar and Sidebar)
File Submitter: EBrown
File Submitted: 26 Feb 2011
File Updated: 04 Aug 2011
File Category: IP.Content Modifications

This will not work with IP.Board 3.2/IP.Content 2.2.0! We will be updating it soon.

This mod allows you to add a customized navigation bar and sidebar to your IP.Content site, should you use your forums default IP.Board Theme.

This mod allows you to determine what links you should display in your navigation bar, what name they display as, and what pages to show them as active for your Navigation Bar.

It allows you to use a custom sidebar, with full PHP coding allowed for your convenience. You can treat it just like PHP, without the need for the "<?php" and "?>" tags. All you have to do is throw your code in there, the hook will parse it for you. We give you a sample block in a sidebar, for you to see how to set it up.

It is recommended to read the "readme.txt" supplied in the .zip file for installation instructions.

Elliott Brown

Click here to download this file

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