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IPB Memcached Requirement

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I want to setup memcached for IPB, but am a little unsure of exactly what I need to install to get it working.

Obviously I need the basic "memcached" package to get the service running, but does IPB need anything else?

One of the two php extensions? Memcache, or Memcached?

Or perhaps another extension or package,


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Not sure if this is still the case, but as long as Memcache(memached) is running you just need to add the following (uncommented obviously) to conf_global.php and change the values to your own needs

# $INFO['use_memcache']   	= '1';

# $INFO['memcache_server_1']  = 'localhost';

# $INFO['memcache_port_1']    = '11211';

Also there's a general doc here for it


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Thanks for the help guys, I also opened a ticket and they said I should just need the memcached package installed and running, no extensions, etc. Tested like this and it works fine.

IPB must have its own support built in to access memcached.

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