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Download: Gravity (Blue) - www.ipbforumskins.com


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File Name: Gravity (Blue) - www.ipbforumskins.com
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 22 Feb 2011
File Updated: 23 Mar 2011
File Category: Light Skins

Gravity (Blue) is a modern "web 2.0" layout utilising a clean colour scheme, enhanced icon set, ajax login box and a sidebar to contain all navigation. The design has modified layouts for the board index (including descriptions-on-hover), forum index, topic page and profile page.

The skin is compatible with the most recent versions of IP.Board, Gallery, Blogs, Downloads Manager, Chat and Nexus - and can be viewed in all major modern browsers (the round corner effect is also compatible with Internet Explorer).

Sidebar navigation
Individual icons for each component! The sidebar allows for unlimited components to be installed without breaking the layout.

Hover descriptions
Forum descriptions are animated and displayed when the user hovers over the forum name, keeping the design clean and compact.

jQuery Login page
Clicking the Sign In link hides the entire forum showing only the login form. Give it a try on the demo board!

Click here to download this file

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IP.Board Message

Warning: The skin set you are attempting to import was created for IP.Board 3.1.4. You are currently running IP.Board 3.2.3.
You can continue but the skin may have errors or missing functionality.

Error del servidor

El sitio web ha detectado un error al recuperar la http://www.landcruiser.com.ve/foro/index.php?&k=e24ed4954a1f69974b0212d75226c472&&k=e24ed4954a1f69974b0212d75226c472&settingNewSkin=7http://www.landcruiser.com.ve/foro/index.php?&k=e24ed4954a1f69974b0212d75226c472&&k=e24ed4954a1f69974b0212d75226c472&settingNewSkin=7. Es posible que esta esté inactiva debido a tareas de mantenimiento o que se haya configurado de forma incorrecta.
A continuación se detallan algunas sugerencias:

Error de HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error): Se ha detectado una condición inesperada cuando el servidor intentaba atender la solicitud.
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