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Individual Member Feature Permission Overrides

UK Fiesta Network

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I realise that there is an existing method to override a members user group permission set with the permissions from another user group, however I would ask that admins are given more flexibility when dealing with users on an individual basis for individual features/applications/permissions.

For example, in addition to being able to suspend posting abilities, I would request the option to suspend an individual member from giving reputation, uploading to the Gallery, posting a Blog etc without also having to block access to every other function or drop their account to a basic permission set.

This would enable admins to restrict a specific member from a certain action without either affecting that members other permissions, or affecting all members in the same permission set.

For example, if a member is misusing the reputation system to boost a friends reputation or bury someone they do not like, their ability to give reputation can be blocked without otherwise affecting their ability to contribute in general to the community.

I realise some might say just to warn/ban them, but for some communities this is not always the best option, and a reasonable alternative would be useful.

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