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File Name: Orange Octane
File Submitter: Stars25
File Submitted: 18 Feb 2011
File Updated: 16 Mar 2011
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

Orange Octane by IPB Skin Shop

Orange Octane is a smooth skin that implements nice shades of orange. The simple layout combined with the appealing and convenient sidebar is perfect for any type of community. This skin is very easy to customize with all the orange CSS elements split off into a separate CSS file if you wish to modify the colors.

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This skin is designed to worked with IP. Board 3.1.4 as well as the latest versions of the following addons:

  • IP. Blog
  • IP. Gallery
  • IP. Nexus
  • IP. Downloads
  • IP. Chat
  • IP. Content



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I just released an update. Just a few bug fixes and skinned it to work with IP Shoutbox 1.1.3.

Anyways, Brandon's instructions are correct, but make sure you keep the name of the image all lowercase letters. And if the image does not show after naming it to whatever application you want to add an icon to, then view the source and search for the application and see what name it is generating for that application.

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Hmm, i tried that.

I uploaded these three all 16x16 png files


All still show the default images

I uploaded these to /public/style_images/orangeoctane

One last thing, and this is the one thats holding me back from launching it, it doesn't seem compatible with fusion menu, which is fine, I have it looking very clean without it. But the one thing I am missing is on the user links if I can add one link to an ipcontent page if they are a certain member class. My PHP skills are not up to par and I am struggling a bit.

Here is your code:
<if test="gallerylink:|:$this->memberData['has_gallery'] AND IPSLib::appIsInstalled( 'gallery' )">
<li id='user_gallery'><a href='{parse url="app=gallery&amp;module=user&amp;section=user&amp;user={$this->memberData['member_id']}" base="public"}' title="{$this->lang->words['go_to_my_gallery']}">{parse replacement="gallery"}{$this->lang->words['my_gallery']}</a></li>

What I would like to do is add an entry named "Subscription Details" that links to


if they have a group id of 4,7,8,9,10,11

did I say how awesome this theme is btw ;)

Your needy yet super happy customer,


If you would like to see it let me know

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http://ipbskinshop.com/forums/topic/74-orange-octane-fusion-menu-issue/ PosT #6 for fusion menu.

Try to caps the nav_link like



Thanks for the link to that post, worked perfectly!

I have tried the naming both ways, I took a screenshot with the source maybe that will show something

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I released an update to the skin a few hours ago. The update fixed the issue with the fusion menu and also made the process of adding new icons easier.

Before you had to add some CSS to get the icons to work, but now you just have to upload new images. With the update, you DO NOT have any capital letters in the image's name; they will now all be lowercase.

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Great skin! I am having a problem with the top part of the shoutbox...it is not as tall as the other category headers (or the one in your live demo), and is cutting off the type. Is there a known fix for this?


I will be reaching out to you with some customization requests as well, so hope to hear back from you.!!



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Hey, i just bought the skin but it gives me an error when i want to see it. A friend of my has a website and your skin (we bouth have ipb 3.3.2) and normally every skin works with us, your skin works on his website but i got an error, please mmb. Just spend 16$ and now its not working :(

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