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Bulk Mail w / WYSIWYG editor


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  • 1 year later...

I have asked about this on several occasions but without any reply.

Is there something that we non techies don't know about?

All I want to be able to do is quickly and without too much fuss, to send my forum members a monthly mail shot.

The existing bulk mailer generates a product that looks like a mangled word pad document. I have looked at programmes like coffe cup which are supposed to convert a pre prepared word document into html but it's just not that simple.

V Bulletin have had this feature for years. Another way around it would be a feature that generates an email list of all members email addresses seperated by say a ;.

This would allow me to use something like mail chimp (which VB now integrates with..

I am a huge fan of IPB. I really am! I already own 5 suites and I'll be buying some more in coming weeks. But this is just about the only thing in IPB that drives me mad!!

Maybe I'm missing something as a non techie customer? Would any of the gang in IPB like to comment?

Kind regards,


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