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RTE font-size skinning

KT Walrus

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I haven't looked into this much, but my forum skin uses 'em's, not 'px's or 'pt's to set the font sizes used for showing posts. It would be nice if the RTE could be easily skinned so that the Size dropdown corresponds to appropriate choices where sizes are 'tiny', 'small', 'normal', 'heading', 'title', 'big', 'extra-big' (instead of numbers) and the resulting size bbcodes insert the correct font-size css for the current skin. Also, the textarea box for the editor should use the same css styles as the 'post' will use so it looks very close to what the post will look like when posted.

Anyway, this might already be implemented, but I see more skins that don't have the Sizes matched in the RTE to the skin (even the default sizes for the editor and the post display are different). Since the new IPB will have a new RTE, I'm hoping this issue has been addressed or is being addressed.

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