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New Ip Board slow to recognise new order!


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Ordered the new Ip board and after eight hours nothing. No email conformation , instructions etc. I emailed using the ticket system and waited. and waited. and waited. Eight hours and nothing. As soon as I ask for a refund and an answer I get all manner of responses all helpful and surprised.
Not very good In my book. Just playing round with new customers . Happy to get you money but the real sales comes after. Not for me......

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Here are the terms of your license: http://www.invisionpower.com/products/board/purchase.php

You are referring to an installation request which 8 hours is well within the bounds of the support terms we promise you for the license type you chose to purchase. As you started to become... unhappy... in your support ticket it has now been transferred out of technical support into customer service so you should receive a reply from a manager soon. I would also note that we were actually mid-way through the install request when you demanded a refund so had to go back and delete what we were in the process of doing.

Please do not exaggerate and spread false information. Our support service is top-notch and we take pride in the services we provide.

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