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A usability issue


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Hi -

Hope this is the right location to post this topic. If not, moderators please move it where appropriate.

Currently we use two components within our website that offer messaging. I am pushing our community to use IP exclusively, and I will turn off the other messaging system soon.

The very basic question came up from a member: if there is no new PM with a pop up and no notification of unread messages, how do I or my other members find the 'messenger?'

I know for many of you the answer will be something like 'we have 1,000's of members and they have been able to find the messenger no problem.'

But think of this from a new user point of view, someone who is just exploring and discovering IPB. They may not think to click on the UCP drop down, or someone who hasn't visited in a while and does not remember where the messenger is located.

I would be interested to hear what others have done to help guide folks to discover and use the UCP.



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