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mysql 5 upgrade performed, now corupted tables!

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An upgrade from mysql 4 > mysql 5 was performed as the forum is v3.1.4, server had php 5.2.8 and mysql 4, after the upgrade to mysql apache failed, this was resolved by cpanel (who also upgraded php), but the databases now all have tables in them with errors.

myisamchk has been run on the tables with errors and despite it saying fixed, they still showed errors, forum was working, but then when I enabled a hook, we now have driver error, running myisamchk on the tables has done the same thing, says its fixed them but still show errors.

sql_error_latest.cgi Log file shows:

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 16:23:33 +0000
Error: 1034 - Incorrect key file for table 'ibf_skin_templates'; try to repair it
IP Address: - /forum/
mySQL query error: SELECT * FROM ibf_skin_templates WHERE template_master_key='root' ORDER BY template_group
| File | Function | Line No. |
| admin/sources/classes/skins/skinCaching.php | [skinFunctions].fetchTemplates | 352 |
| admin/sources/classes/skins/skinCaching.php | [skinCaching].removeDeadPHPCaches | 168 |
| admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php | [skinCaching].rebuildPHPTemplates | 382 |
| admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php | [output].__construct | 564 |

Is there a way to fix the tables or not?
What me and the host company are trying atm is creating a new database and then importing an old backup.

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Thanks for replies

We successfully imported an old backup into a newly created database, only then for the config file causing error for the db user logging in, this turned out to be a problem with cpanel not holding the privilege settings, had to be done manually via command shell.

Anyway, forum seems to work using a backup, but shortly after going 'live' replies could not be added to topics, and this was the same problem I had when the forums came back online after cpanel sorted apache etc.. with the 'old' database the one with corrupted tables, the new database shows no corrupted tables, but after another round of myisamchk on some tables (which found errors and fixed them), although myisamchk saying it's fixed errors can be taken with a pinch of salt I think, replies could be added again.

What I am worried about now, is when I start adding hooks/modules will it break the forum/database again!
Am waiting to hear back from IPS about that.

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Its cause the mysql at that time could not read / update those tables, The easy way would be to download your database, And then re-import so on upload the tables are updated.

Will take around 14 seconds to complete via SSH, Jobs done.

Can you give me commands to do that?

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