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(DP34) Global Sidebars


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new version with two new features is already uploaded! Feel free to post comments!

Added features:

  • added option to disable sidebars on selected skins. It's helpfull to fix mobile skins especially,
  • added parsing IP.Content blocks.
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Fantastic work, Dawid. I uninstalled the old version, installed the latest version, created a couple test sidebars & adverts. Tested on PC, Apple & Android browser. Happy to report everything works perfectly.

Haven't had a chance to test IP.Content, but will later today.

Finally, full control of the sidebars throughout IPB!!!

Good Work!!

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Hi Dawid,

Having some troubles with two things.

1) PHP appears the be returning a syntax error.

I added  the following with PHP Mode enabled:

<?php echo 'this is PHP'; ?>

and this was displayed in the sidebar: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /blah/blah/blah/blah/admin/applications_addon/other/gsidebars/sources/classes/library.php(773) : eval()'d code on line 2 2) I've not been able to successfully add IP.Content Blocks to the sidebar. Perhaps I am doing it wrong? I've tried adding with RAW Mode enabled and disabled the following: {parse block="articles_menu"} to an Articles Sidebar. I've also tried the following in PHP Mode:


if( !( $this->registry->isClassLoaded('pageBuilder') ) )


 require_once( IPSLib::getAppDir('ccs') . '/sources/pages.php' );

 $this->registry->setClass('pageBuilder', new pageBuilder( $this->registry ) );


print $this->registry->getClass('pageBuilder')->getBlock('articles_menu');


Maybe you can provide instructions or an example how to setup an Advert to parse IP.Content?

Feel free to access my site and ACP if you'd like to see the above issues.


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Ad 1 - in description you can read:

Do NOT use: '<?php' and '?>'. Make sure the code is valid otherwise an error will be displayed.

Ad 2 - add sidebar as standard (not php mode) and add this code:

{parse block="articles_menu"}

doesn't work? But should:


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I know, but this isn't standard issue, and I can't catch my friend, who helping me with skins etc. I remember, and doing my best to finish it, but it was requested after finish the job, and I must check one thing: why

<if test="nosidebar:|:IPSCookie::get('hide_sidebar') == '1' || !$this->templateVars['sidebar_enabled']">no_sidebar</if>

does not work on forumIndexTemplate (he told me this).

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DawPi. I tried to upload the new version and it still breaks my site completely when I activate it.

+1 same.

Try now. I've applied the fix for those without CCS (IP.Content).

You need to download the mod again, upload all files and that's all.
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I certainly want your help. I gave you current access and you said it didnt work when IPB Support has been using the same credentials?

This time there is no "error screen"... the topic view on the mobile skin does not show up similar to the problem noted a few pages ago.

I disabled the mod on the Mobile Skin.

When the system is NOT ENABLED the topic view appears normally.

When the system IS ENABLED the topic view does not display.

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