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(DP34) Global Sidebars

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Again, I must say this app works very nicely now and has a lot of flexibility. I really don't know why IPB doesn't come with global sidebars as standard. Anyway, below is an example of the Global

For everyone - please wait on 1.1.0 version - with a lot more features And easier navigation! Marcher: great subsupport, thanks!

Sure, it will be. It's almost done, but I have problem with new skin, so please be patient a little more time.

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Excuse me? are you now suggesting that I should not respond to a question I know the answer to?

Hi, how to disable sidebars on search results?

As vorren asked the above question.
My accurate truthful and informative response was the following...

You can't, you can't disable them on the registration page either and possibly other areas not mentioned yet.

It's a flaw in the design of this application, simply put you have to wait for the developer to read your above question, then to realise it might have being better to include that area, then it's a waiting game when he releases a fix to the flaw.

I've already suggested a wildcard URL format to exclude or include pages to prevent this issue ever arising in the first place but time will tell if he follows through on it..

Until then..... Wait or disable the app until the flaw is fixed.

And that required your response of...

Phil, with due of respect - but why you still writing about 'fixes'? There aren't any known bugs. You posted suggestion and I tell you that it will be implemented. Very soon.

Really? oh my god
And I'd call that a flaw in the design of your app DawPi, lets call a spade a spade here and not beat around the bush about it. It's a flaw, and an unnecessary flaw at that when a better solution is possible.

Working as intended then is it? No ability to turn off sidebars on registration page and search results? not a flaw?
As I said before, I was responding to vorren's question. As you're clearly to busy in your many support topics and fixing issues in a few of your applications.
I should be getting paid! :smile:
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It isn't necessary. For example hooks/boardIndexRecentTopics_{xxx}.php hook.


$this->registry->class_localization->loadLanguageFile( array( 'public_boards' ), 'forums' );

print $this->registry->getClass('class_forums')->hooks_recentTopics();

pre_1353779867__2012-11-24_18-57-33.png'" alt="pre_1353779867__2012-11-24_18-57-33.png">


pre_1353779849__2012-11-24_18-57-13.png'" alt="pre_1353779849__2012-11-24_18-57-13.png">

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I tried reading through the support thread to see if this was answered, but it just looks like a lot of fighting between you and one or two other members and that got tiring very quickly.

I have this installed on a test forum (meaning it's not active with members), and when I disable the hook everything is good, but when I enable the hook on every IP.Content page I get only this error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 318727 bytes) in /home/bullioni/public_html/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 2549

Then, when I disable the hook again, everything is good. A right column is critical for my websites but so is using IP.Content. Do you know what to do for fixing this?

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