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SysAdmin Help Needed

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Hi guys I've recently just setup a dedicated server and I'm trying to get it to the point where I can install IPB. Right now it's telling me I need Zend, GDLibrary and MySQLi. My server says its running Zend so I'm not sure what IPB thinks and I haven't been able to figure out the GDLibrary or MySQLi. Could anyone give me a hand?

Also side note and really dumb question... I've seen many tutorials tell me I'm supposed to be referencing ./configure for php to install the gdlibrary and can't for the life of me find where ./configure is. Where is it?

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I don't want to sound bad here, but you really should leave the server admin job to a server admin.... there are so many aspects of running a server that you might not be aware of, the main one being security.

Now with that out of the way... we need some more info to help.

What OS are you running?

Are you using a control panel? if so which one?

What have you installed so far?

Are you running a firewall? if so which one and if not, you need to be.

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I know.. I wanted a chance to learn server stuff.. my host is "semi-managing" it... meaning I'm running on their firewall and they handle upgrades. I'm on CentOS 5, using cPanel Unlimited. PHP, MySQL and Apache all came pre-installed.

Here's my phpinfo http://xservmobile.com/info.php and the warning IPB is giving me: http://xservmobile.com/reqs.php

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For starters cpanel is junk..... and you might want to check with your host as you are running php 5.2.9 which is way outdated. If the host is not supporting the latest version that are patched for security then I would question them.

You will need to install Zend extension manager
You should also install Suhosin for added security
I would also consider installing a web cache like XCache
You should also install ioncube as well.
install the GD library
configure php with mysqli support

If your not sure how to do all of this I would again suggest you have someone walk you through it or pay someone to do it as you can really screw things up if you don't have any linux experience. If you want to learn I would suggest a test server at home maybe to play with.

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I will also note that you will need to follow specific installation methods for cpanel on all of these items, cpanel is very picky and it will most likely break something on cpanel if you manually install these items. Your best bet would be to sign up at the cpanel forums and get the help you need there.

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@zendoptimizer - It's not installed on your server.


You can use php -v to check once it's installed.


Mess around. Too many tutorials on internet. I remember, I had to install OS 2 times when i first got my dedicated server. Was quite a big jump for me from shared hosting to dedicated hosting.

Time will make you learn all :)

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Let me know if you still need help (PM me).

Its all easy to solve if you know what you're doing.

I started off from scratch a few years ago myself with cpanel. We all gotta start from somewhere ;)

We already done this for him, Taken around 9 mins to complete, As you can see via his Requirements page:

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