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Better Integration with other apps

Cowboy Denny

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I believe how things should work is...

If I'm in IP.Blog, or IP.Board or anywhere, if I am creating a post I should be able to add an image that upon clicking add image it would bring up my gallery and would add this new image to the gallery but still post to that new post.

If I was adding an existing image, I could click on Add Image and browse existing galleries I have permissions to view and click on the image(s) I wanted to add to that post.

Now if I want an image in my post I have to go to Gallery, upload the photo, copy the link, then create the post and paste the photo's link in my post. Most people don't think about attaching a photo or image until when they are in the middle of a post so now they have to save the post, go upload a photo to gallery, get the link, then go back and edit the post to add the photo's link. Due to most of us being lazy, the post just doesn't get the nice added image.

If I'm in IP.Blog or IP.Board or anywhere, if I am creating a post I should be able to click on add an attachment and either upload to IP.Downloads and automatically attach to the post I'm in OR browse existing files in IP.Downloads to attach to the post.

Invision Power has great applications but they feel like silo's instead of integrated but I believe the ability is there to have better integration.

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