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Make send post in E-mail the Default.


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Feature suggestion: Copy of my conversation with support suggesting the feature, I thought it explained it better than I could retype it.

J= Me - R= Invision

J: Is there a setting to include a copy of the post in the e-mail notification message?

R: Yes, this is controlled on a per
user basis. Tell your users to navigate their Settings > Notification
Options > and check the "Include a copy of the post when emailing me
from a watched topic" box.

J:Thanks, Can I have this on by
default for all users? Basically if they have subscribed to get a
notification, it includes a copy of the post?

R:Unfortunately, no. There is no
option to automatically enforce this setting. You can, however, change
it on a per user basis via the Members section of your Admin CP.

J: I think there is a feature area to post this in,
but I would strongly suggest that you add the ability to set that on as a
default. With 500 accounts on the board, I'm not likely to go in and
set them one by one.The main reason I want it on by default; I'm
on many different forums, and always have instant notification, so I
get a ton of them. The ones that have a real message enclosed almost
never tend to get filter into the SPAM / Junk mail folder. Where as the
generic ones do tend to almost always start going into the junk mail
sooner or later.


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