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Sorry if this has been suggested before but ... I have a lot of members and "would be" members who come from the Facebook world. As much as IPS has improved the usability of IP.Board, most of these Facebook members won't post due to the complexity of posting and uploading image attachments on IP.Board. For those of us who have used message boards for years, it's a piece of cake. For these people, it's daunting.

Has anybody at IPS considered making a basic skin that performs the functions of Facebook without all of the added bells and whistles that newbies have to wade through and try to understand? In other words, look at Facebook and drop everything else in the IP.Board skin and maybe call it something like "IP.Basic Skin"? Maybe even use the same terms as Facebook, such as "Comment" instead of "Reply". And maybe upload images directly into the text box or right below it without the extra clicks and confusion that newbies experience.

I don't know if this is posted in the right forum so feel free to move it. Newbie here, you know. :)

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I too would like this, something like the Facebook wall so all new content is shown on one easy page.

This theme http://www.skinbox.net/browse/live-demo/skin/131 almost does it, just needs excerpts of the posts and the ability to comment from there without having to go into a thread to do it.

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