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Suggestion: IP App Version Tracking


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It would be great if you could compare your current installed App version numbers with the current release version numbers within the AdminCP.

For example, if I have IP. Nexus version 1.01 installed, it would be nice of my AdminCP could show me that the latest release of Nexus is actually 1.1.3.

This could logically go in the Applications & Modules > Manage Applications & Modules page in the AdminCP. It already displays the installed version number of the Apps, all it would need is another column called "Latest version" or something, and have that column contact IPS similar to the "IPS Latest News" on the main admin page.

Yes, the "Latest News" feed does usually show the most current version of various Apps in a News Post, but since your installed version numbers are on a completely different page, it's not nearly as good for comparing version numbers as something that was intended to compare version numbers.

Perhaps this feature could be selected on/off in the Admin, if some people did not want their site contacting invisionpower.com to receive the current version numbers.

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