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(DP34) iHost


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File Name: (DP34) iHost

File Submitter: DawPi

File Submitted: 01 Feb 2011

File Category: User and Social Engagement

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

With this application you can provide for your users fancy and nice upload images system. It has many options. Few of them:

  • enable/disable system globally,
  • set per group permission: view/add/remove images or by group,
  • show images with pagination,
  • users can remove or not their images ( admin has power to remove all images ),
  • set allowed image extensions,
  • set maximum file size,
  • add image or text watermark,
  • create or not thumbnails,
  • sort images by specific member (for admins),
  • upload from direct URL!

here to download this file

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Thanks, I really need this for my board, will quit using other insecure image hoster,

What will happens if someone upload a file with the same name as another file ?

Wont matter m8 as the mod allocates a number to the image uploaded so in theory a duplicate wont fail to upload ;)
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Wonderful MOD. Can I make a suggestion for next version. Remove (DP30) look below.


It wold look a little more clean, in the mean time which file would I edit to remove it. I'd rather it just say iHost for a cleaner look.

Other than that works great so far.


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Only thing I can see missing is User Group Permissions. Can this be added please? For example, use the User Groups rather than Global Permission Masks

I want to be able to only offer this service to donators/supports you see, not general members

Would be cool if you could add it!


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