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calendar improvements


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calendar improvements are needed as the present calendar is very basic and overlooked on upgrades

just something i would like to see is....
when theres an event in the calendar, the date highlighted and to be able to hover over the
date and see a popup preview of the event on that day.
The option would be very useful when shown as side block on the main index.

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I want to add something that is crucial for me about the calendar and it is a simple way to manage RSVP to calendar event.

I have a great coder who is working on a custom hook for me at the moment but I would really hope that an RSVP functionality would be a default tool from the calendar.

- admin/moderator create event and switches rsvp on (checkbox)
- member goes to calendar event and clicks RSVP link in the post
- member is now registered for event and sees a message in the calendar event that he/she is registered
- admin goes to calendar event and sees names of members registered

This would be very very useful. Until then I ll have to rely on a custom hook

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