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MAJOR suggestion - entire suite....


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This is a simple suggestion but very important in my opinion.

If a user purchases the entire suite, he has to download multiple zip files (ughh... what a mess, but ok).... then he has to unzip them. Surprise! Most contain the same folder name
"board". So... we end up with multiple folders... board1, board2, board3, etc because any decent OS is not going to merge or overwrite the other folders. Of course we have no idea which folder is which now... they all have the same name!

So how about fixing this? Subscriptions, the board, and converge have their own folder names, so why not do that for ALL products in the suite?

Better yet, give us suite owners one file to download. It's a mess!

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Personally I think your suggestion is naive. The folders with the same names get merged when you upload by ftp. I think it's far better to keep each module as separate module rather than having one massive upload.

Here's how I unzip the files. There is no board1, board2 etc. I keep things separate. When I upload by ftp I navigate into each module and upload one at a time.

If we used your reasoning every minor .0.1 upgrade we would have to replace all the files. This could over an hour to upload rather than a few minutes. Plus of course IPS isn't putting out updates for all modules at the same time. About the only time your suggestion would make sense would be for the initial installation.


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Keep every component separate. Any decent FTP app or server OS will merge folders (and even if they did, you should be prompted for a choice).
Out of curiosity, how do you think the 'suite' should be versioned, since components are not all updated at once? (putting aside the issue of separate support expiration dates for IPB modules)

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