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Download: (FJ31) Dark Glass ACP Skin

F. John

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File Name: (FJ31) Dark Glass ACP Skin
File Submitter: F. John
File Submitted: 27 Jan 2011
File Updated: 07 Sep 2011
File Category: Miscellaneous Skins

This is a set of files to change your IP Board's ACP section from the current Blue default into a black glass skin. Other premade colors are not currently available but can be requested via the support topic or PMing F.John on the Official IPS community.

Also Included is the Black Glass Custom ACP Login from my (FJ3) Custom ACP Login 1.1.5 Skin Components.

Before Uploading the files included please be sure to backup your files from the server before overwriting them with the included files for changing the ACP Skin.

Click here to download this file

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