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Automatic databse repair


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We occasionally get a database error once in a blue moon. We run a >3Gb database and sometimes tables like ibf_core_markers can be left locked in use by mysql. It's a simple fix to just flag a repair in phpmyadmin.

When IPB gets errors and puts up the database error page saying "there appears to be an error with the database" it'd be real nice if it booted a lossless automatic check/repair routine.

Here's the example error page: http://img403.imageshack.us/i/arnieserror.jpg/

Would it be possible in a future IPB release to tie the error page to a simple automated check/repair mysql system? In the case of simple errors the forum could fix things, log it and email the admins. In the case of more serious errors it could email the admins to let them know the board had a DB error. Obviously I'm talking about a lossless mysql check/repair routine here that'd clear simple things like locked tables etc.

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Well I've not had much luck with any input so I've added my own repair routine to the mysqlcleanup.php routine in the task scheduler. It'll now repair a specific table if needed for me.

I'm probably going to write my own routine and add it to the task scheduler.

Seriously though a self repairing mysql routine can't be a bad thing. Not sure why it's not already an option. Say a task schedule routine that is only kicked into being/running if a mysql error occurs. It then checks all relevant tables and runs a lossless repair if needed and emails the admin the results or if further attention is needed.

Be nice if someone from the staff chimed in and said hello, if only to say "hi nice idea, but we aren't doing this". :)

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