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Googlebot Needs to Index Signatures


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This isn't cloaking, as when the setting is disabled, guests also cannot see signatures. However, you can enable the ability for them to see signatures with the "Guests can view signatures?" setting.

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It seems you were indeed correct, this is a bug and has been fixed for IP.Board 3.2. To fix it on your own board now, open /admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php and around line 3,546 you'll find:

		self::$data_store['view_img']				= ipsRegistry::$settings['guests_img'];

Add below that:

		self::$data_store['view_sigs']				= ipsRegistry::$settings['guests_sig'];

		self::$data_store['view_avs']				= ipsRegistry::$settings['guests_ava'];

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