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Download: Black & White Valentine 3.1.4

Mama Gail

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File Name: Black & White Valentine 3.1.4
File Submitter: Mama Gail
File Submitted: 21 Jan 2011
File Updated: 28 Jan 2011
File Category: Seasonal Skins

Offering a very nice Valentine Theme done in white and blacks that is easy on the eyes, not a lot of frills and easy on the pocketbook and supports all the newest versions of IPS Apps. Logo Banners included . All this for 7.00 and if purchased will also provide free of charge logo banner completed. Will offer upgraded version of gallery when released.

ALL MEMBERS THAT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM HERE OR GMM SKIN THEMES AND REGISTERS AT MY BOARD ENTITLES PURCHASER TO ALL THE BONUS FREE SKIN THEMES NOW BEING PROVIDED. Remember to register and I will move you to customer status and you will have the Bonus Free Designs available to download. 2 are already being provided.

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A second will be released next week and a free bonus one if time permits. Please register to check out all the 4 new releases coming next week.

Click here to download this file

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there are 5 missing images in replacements area(f_announced, f_pinned, live_large,msg_icon, and msg_icon_new) and a huge problem with the header that I have to do a different way by editing the template to use a address to that image. I'm setting the skin on my site as default and public on feb 1.

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Uploaded corrected file with missing images. As for the header, you can change that or use the blank logo banner that will fit next to the image in header.

ok thank you for a quick response and I have updated the template even the replacements with the new file. The up to date are still missing f_announced, msg_icon_new and msg_icon. You actually fixed just two of them and for the header the address was easier to edit in replacements area instead of template.
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Wow bad day, they should be all there now. I double checked three times and the announcement and msg icons are there in both my live board and test board.

well it is not I did redownload the skin few seconds ago that I purchase off this site earlier and checked... ACP > Look & Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates > Manage Replacements in IPB 3.1 - Black & White Valentine you see three missing images for f_announced, msg_icon_new and msg_icon.
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