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Topic Drafts &/or Saved Topics

Matt Enloe

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Hey guys,

I've seen the feature for allowing users to save topics as drafts which can be managed in their UCP on a couple of other pieces of forum software, and I have personally been very interested in this feature. There are a few occasions I'd like to save a topic on-site so I can finish writing from another computer (or my iPod :P) but haven't been able to for lack of this or other transfer devices. Email works... but... really?

I'm sure there has to be some interest in this, is there any word on it appearing in an IP.Board release or application or hook?

Thanks a ton!

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That's awesome, but users are also looking for the ability to manually save topics before they post them so like they can leave mid-post and have it waiting for them to finish even if they switch computers or something.

Doesn't seem like it would be -too- complicated.. :)

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