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3 clicks to delete...


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Your preference has nothing to do what I'm asking for though, ta.

How has it nothing to do with what you're asking? This is a suggestion, he's just voicing his opinion about it - just like IPS officials can come in here and say the same. When IPS review suggestions they are probarbly interested in hearing about what more than one person thinks, so they can hear good arguements from both sides.

Personally I agree that the popup may be somewhat unnecessary, but it does two things that I at the same time support:
1. It adds an extra layer of security (What Ohn03s pointed out)
2. If you accidentally click it you wont be navigated away from the topic.

Number 2 probarbly doesn't happend very often though and might not be a good enough reason for it. I don't think number 2 can be safely solved either (if they for example moved options to a popup-window), since it requires javascript or something similar to function. We had some moderators having an issue at some point where they reported that the first confirmation screen no longer popped up. So I think that is the reasoning behind having to take you to another site with normal buttons to be on the safe side.

Could be an idea to have it disabled if trash can is enabled, but I don't feel it's totally necessary to implement and I'm quite satisfied with how it's working today.
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This has been something bothering me for a quite a while. We have the trash can enabled, and we're currently needing to confirm twice that we want to remove a topic. If we press "OK" on the first javascript prompt, it's safe to assume to really do want to remove it. Especially if we have trash-can enabled and soft-delete "disabled". I don't need 2 fail-safes. One is plenty.

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