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IPB Keeps Causing Server To Crash


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For the first few days, when i went live with my IPB + Gallery it was fine but over the past few days we have kept having to reboot the server every 5 hrs as it keeps sending the server offline.

we also got someone to look into the database a few days ago when it first happened and they found some corrupt tables, this did seem to sort it out for a day but over the last 48 hrs its sent the server offline 5 times and imo its due to something in either the code or the db, ive looked over the forums and cannot see anyone else with this problem.

when its online it runs superb but then just starts to get slower and then wont load at all, goes online and running fine to offline within 2-3 mins.

we have over 20,000 images and that the majority of the site as the forums dont get used that much.

Any Ideas of what is going wrong

if you need any info to help just ask


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At the moment it's like finding a needle in a hay stack !

Just before it does whats the output of top command.


Whats the current CPU and memory just before the crash and what are the output of var/log/messages.

tail -f /var/log/messages

whats is the current connections to apache.

netstat -an | grep 80 | wc -l'

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How much memory has your server got? Anything less than 2gb then you urgently need to upgrade it. 3gb is better.


We run over 100 IPB boards on our server which has 4GB DDR3 and we only consume 13%

Thats with apache reading between 2000 / 3000 connections at once.

I guess you may have some small issues with scripts.

Edit: The server I been working on for an IPB client which is heavy on resources only consumes 12.92MB ?

All depends on how you setup apache....
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ok, read through the board extensivley and read thru the mysql error logs

emptied out the sessions table in the database, also set up memcache and its been running much better since i did this and my host added a further 2gb of ram for no extra cost :)

checked mysql error logs and none have been reported since i did this

will see how it goes, but think its all working well now.

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