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IP.Subscriptions - Fight fraud


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I'd like to suggest to record the person's IP and username in the paypal receipt. This way I can start turning over fraudulent IP addresses and at the same time ban those people from the site/server. These people are scum and with paypal continually upping the prices for chargebacks (its anywhere in the 10-15 USD range right now), these people need to be dealt with.

I understand some users can and will use proxies but some won't be smart enough to.

This will also help me keep track of purchases that don't upgrade or something goes wrong. It's a hassle to find the user when they use a different email address to pay with paypal than they do to sign up on the site. It's actually impossible from the way I see it and I haven't found a way to figure it out other than asking the user for the transaction ID. In vB, we had a similar feature; we didn't have the IP recording but we had the username recorded in the paypal receipt.

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I've been running a subscription model for the best part of 6 years, never had an issue with fraud.

Must be my niche then. I've had a lot of chargebacks due to it not being authorized. Or the kids just chargeback bc they are almost done with the subscription period. And then it's hard to track down who that user was because there is no indication anywhere (that I've found). Would be nice to just look at the payment via paypal and see who the user was.
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