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Feature Suggest: Automatic resource savings after xx users online


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I just had my webhosting account suspended because I suddenly got load of spam bots (over 140) at the same time to my forum.

I run my website with normal webhosting, and so far it has been OK since I usually never have more than 30 users at the same time. However, the number of spam bots wandering around my forum trying everything with my forums caused my webhost to suspend my account (without warning...) because it took too much resources. They told me that I need to get VPS hosting instead, but I was able to convince them for now to re-open my normal webhosting account.

This caused me to think about automatic resource savings system for Invision. For example, if the number of online users gets too high, it would deny visitor users from viewing the board until the number of users gets down, and it would turn on the current built in resource savings system.

Let me think what you think about this?

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This already exists:

In the ACP go to

In the first field just put a number like 30 and it'll block people after 30 join.

I checked this option but I think it only applies to server load, not how many people online. But I wouldn't be bad option to have setting for max "visitor users" at the same time.
(You ment this? : Tools & Settings > System Settings > System > CPU Saving & Optimization)
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