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Download: Lib rediska for IP.Board

Alex Morbo

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File Name: Lib rediska for IP.Board
File Submitter: Alex Morbo
File Submitted: 10 Jan 2011
File Category: Modifications

Rediska lib for IP.Board.

Rediska official site: http://rediska.geometria-lab.ru/
Redis official site: http://redis.io/

In archive you can find upload dir, you need to upload all from that dir to forum root.

To use rediska & redis you need install redis on your server & start it.
Then in your applications you can use this code to connect to you redis server.

$dbid = (int) '1'; // you can use something like $this->settings['your_app_setting_key'];

$rediskaLib = IPSLib::loadLibrary( IPS_ROOT_PATH . 'sources/classes/rediska.php', 'rediska' );

$registry->setClass( 'rediska', new $rediskaLib() );

$registry->getClass( 'rediska' )->selectDb( $dbid );

All rediska documentation you can see at http://rediska.geometria-lab.ru/documentation/

Tested on 3.1.2

Click here to download this file

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