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The case for hiding tabs by group

Dan M

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I would love to see the ability to hide app tabs by group added to the core functionality.

There is a hook available but it requires editing of files which I can't do because I have a hosted plan with IPS.

Here is my argument:

While IPB is very powerful it also has one hell of a learning curve. Only Drupal is harder. Or maybe assembly language. (Just kidding)

I have content, gallery and nexus installed. I haven't figured out content at all and am completely clueless about nexus.

I will learn but I want to make guests and users not see any of those items on the navigation tab until they are functional. I don't want a new user to see the "buy a widget" thing or "Error there are no categories," etc.

But I DO want admin to see it so we can play with them and figure them out.

So (with help from Mark, one of IPS' awesome support guys!) I have hidden them from the tab but the settings still appear in a users personal config. This will cause confusion and prompt questions.

So I can deactivate them but then I can't play with them. I also have to remember the cryptic links to get to them even if they are active but hidden.

It would be much easier if I could make them completely invisible by group.

If I am missing something and there is a better way, please let me know. I'm new.

Thanks! :-)

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