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Hi guys,

Here's my suggestion:
1.Create a google translate integration, so customers can set very easy the language that best fits their needs.
2.Create a script that allows the user, when creating a new topic/answering, to write the post in 2 or more languages (he will be able to sellect/check the languages that he want to use).
For example: english, german, spanish.
Now he will write in the first language: english.
For the other languges, he can choose to write himself, or to choose google's translate.
Now he will click on german&GoogleTranslate, instead of clicking on German Only.
The post will be auto-translaged into german.
Or better, the user can click on google translate after he finish the writing in english, and he will check the boxes of the languages that he want to be translated and auto-created posts in that specific languages. So if he will check arabic, spanish, romanian, magyar, italian, INVISIONpowerboard will auto create 4 more posts, and each will contain the same post as in english but with the specific language.
Now, when an other user enters the forum, and choose the topic, a ajax script will popup/fade in with the language selection, and also a prefferd language at the beginng of navigation on forum.
SO this will help alot of people who uses google translate or other translators to find out what a user said about a topic that he want to know.

If you guys like my ideea, and have other good ideas to add, or correct something that I said, please go ahead :)


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