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File Name: Skin Scheduler
File Submitter: chuckf
File Submitted: 04 Jan 2011
File Updated: 26 Mar 2011
File Category: Applications

Use Skin Scheduler to schedule when your skins become the default skin.

I recently acquired a Christmas skin to spruce up my family website. During my skin hunt I discoverd a lot of seasonal and holiday themed skins from Happy New Year to Merry Christmas and everything in between.

I thought 'This is great! I'll get a bunch of skins and manually change the default skin when appropriate.' Then I came to my senses and acknowledged the fact that I'd forget to do it at least a few times and what good is having all those skins when no one sees them?

So, being a programmer and a long time IPB user I wrote Skin Scheduler to set the default skin automatically. During development I discovered that once a member has choosen a skin there is no way for them to choose to use the default skin so I create a solution for that.


  • shows the number of members using each skin. Useful if you want to delete skins without upsetting your members.
  • schedule by date and priority
  • choose randomly or Round-Robin when multiple skins have the same date and priority
  • simple check box to temporarily exclude skins from selection
  • hidden skins are not scheduled
  • system scheduler task chooses new default skin at midnight and adds one year to expired schedules
  • usercp setting so members can go back to using the default skin
  • dashboard notification of new version

Click here to download this file
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The idea is great. I was just thinking about that a couple of days ago.

One question:

Can you specify skins for specific forums/subforums or just the default ones for the board?

Currently it just sets the default board skin. I may look into supporting forums/subforums in the next version.
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I look forward for this feature.

Oh, also, reduce the price. It's too expensive (for me) :)

I've cut the price in half!

Also, I'd appreciate some input on how you think this should work. Off the top of my head I'm thinking a drop down box on each skin in the Skin Schedule settings page where you can select which forums the skin should be considered for.
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  • 2 weeks later...

I've just posted a new version, 1.1.0.

This version shows the number of members using each skin including the default skin.

You can use these numbers for things like seeing how popular each skin is within your community or how many members you may upset if you delete a skin.

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