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Download: Minimum Number of Threads to Enter Forums


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File Name: Minimum Number of Threads to Enter Forums
File Submitter: NenaDice
File Submitted: 03 Jan 2011
File Updated: 18 Sep 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This was requested by a user here. Anyway, this hook will enable you to set a minimum number of threads requirement for your users in order for them to enter a certain forum/s. After they reach the number of threads above the minimum they will be able to enter the restricted forums.
By default it is set to 5 threads.

After you install the hook.xml file through Manage Hooks in your Admin Panel, you can configure it at the System Settings. There you will see a new setting called NenaDice.

Click on it and configure the hook to your needs. There you can enable/disable the hook, set the minimum number of threads that you want your users to have in order for them to enter a certain forum/s,
choose the forum/s where you want to enforce this limit, enter your own custom error message and as last but not least you can choose which groups can bypass the limit.

This hook is compatible with 3.2.x as well. A more advanced version which adds 4 other extra permissions/settings to enter forums on an indivdual forum per forum basis has been released here:


Click here to download this file

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Installed this today, and ran it. I set the limit to "1" thread and applied it to all forums and sub-forums except the Introductions one, forcing them to post an intro. However, when testing this, even when posting a thread in the introductions forum, the rest of the forum is still locked out. Any ideas?

After their thread count reaches above the minimum you have set they will be able to enter the restricted forums. In this case 2 threads. Or you can set the limit to 0 and they will enter the restricted forums after the first thread.
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By any chance is there any way for you to update it so that members can still read threads, but not post? Right now it works like a charm but whenever anyone goes to read a thread it blocks them with the same warning message. Also, I have reports that if you hit the "Forum" tab after the warning, they can read it.

I will see what I can do but it will hav to wait a little as atm I am a bit busy with RL.

I am not sure I understood what you meant by "if you hit the "Forum" tab after the warning, they can read it.". If the user has posted a minum of threads below the number set by you, they won''t be able to enter the forums, clicking The forum tab or any other tab.
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