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Should be possible to view posts from a user in a topic


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And I have a suggestion on how it could be done. Today you can click on the amount of replies a topic have gotten and get a list of how many replies each of users who have participated in the topic has.

You could simply add the possibillity to click on the number of posts a user have made in the topic - and that would lead you to just the replies that user had made in it. The url could be something like showtopic=67&fromUser=4 . This would then be quite similar to how showtopic=67&modfilter=invisible_posts works, but it would of course display a different result.

This is the list like it is today:
My suggestion is to make the number clickable. And it would take you to the posts that user have posted. So in this case I would click on the number 7 and I would be taken to all the 7 posts bfarber have written in the topic "FURL".

It could also be available to click on a button like "Show posts from this user in this topic" when viewing their profile card in a topic.

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