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Show posts/topics from user X shouldn't be limited by max search results


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Before it was possible to view all posts a user had posted, but in IPB 3 this is no longer possible, why?

The limitation of a 1000 search results makes sense in the normal search but shouldn't limit the function "Show posts from user X" or "Show topics from X".

And why is the limit hardcoded? Why isn't possible to enter a text value we could change ourselves? And not be limited by the options in the dropdown-menu.

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Are there any solutions for this? i also noticed that in the user profile area's it only shows messages and postings from today?

If you're thinking about the topics and posts-tab in profile; that is limited to only displaying "5 latest items".

Don't ask me why those tabs doesn't link to the full listings in My Content or actually says that it just contains the latest 5 items within a time period by the way. That would be "IPS logic" ;)

There is no easy solution to this. You can set the limit to 1000 and change the setting Limit "My Content" results to X days to something like 5000 days. But that doesn't really solve the 1000 limit on the amount of returned rows.

And the option "Only posts" "Topics and posts" in Find my content doesn't work correctly either.

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helped a bit but still missing posts when i search on my name.. :sad:

You search for it in the regular search? I guess that would apply some additional filters then. Viewing in My Content I think you should be able to find all posts if you go to "Only posts" in the filter and your profile has less than 1000 posts.

Old post you're looking for at your forum?

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I am already at 2500 posts lol. but some members got loads more..

Yes, I understand. It's not simply changing the limit in the php file either, because what the code does, atleast in 3.3.4 and lower from what I remember, is to gather 1000 posts from the user into an array, every time. Then with PHP logic it creates the pagination, finds out which of these 1000 posts in the array it's going to display on the page etc.

And it would probarbly not be such an good idea to have it retrieve 25 000 rows into PHP every time... So in order to fix the issue you would have to rewrite the query and the php logic, something I haven't bothered doing yet.

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