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Content Stream - Proposal for Next version

Ocean West

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I have participated in a few threads regarding the overhaul of the View New Content ( VNC ) and Active Topics. I have made some suggestions in those threads and had even posted a video of the modification I had made on my old forum software -

In one thread it was mentioned by Matt that they are aware of the issues and are planning something new for the next version. That is great news!

I would like to throw in this narrative - a working document of the concept as I'd like to see implemented - however would love to entertain other points of view, just so that these ideas can be fully entertained and understood by the developers as to what we are truly asking for. :)

View New Content
Today's Active Content
Content Stream
Recent Activity

To view all content as it comes into the site.

Since there are multiple modules and add-ons to the site each is represented by a TAB for the given section.

Members Calendar



Blogs Gallery Downloads Tracker Directory


Content (CMS)


Date base range parameter - all modules will include a date base driven model to provide static range users can step back in time to view the content stream.

For the Current Date:

Today the DDnth | Yesterday >

When Looking at Yesterday:

< Today the DDnth | DDnth | DDnth >

Beyond Yesterday:

< DDnth | DDnth | DDnth >

Current Week

This Week DDst - DDth | Last Week >

Last Week

This Week | DDst - DDth | Prev >

Beyond Last Week

< Next | DDst - DDth | Prev >

Each module would have different filtering options that make sense to that module. Each section would have a site default and a user default preference going to that section would load the defaults.
Filter options may be represented by a link or checkbox toggle.


Content I have Not Read New since my Last visit (session based)

Show Everything


In addition to the numbered paginations and the next arrow button include a "MORE" button in the center of the page at the bottom of the list for an example look at the Twitter ( some clients ) Perhaps Ajax auto pagination loading - when you scroll down past the last post it will auto load the next # number of records scrolling will continue until the last record is reached for the specified date range. DAYS View: A Spacer bar will span all columns (current user time zone ) before the first post after the noon hour. ie: [Tuesday, November 16, 1010 - 12:00 PM] WEEKS View: A bar will span across all columns to indicate the break of each date for given week. ie: [Friday, December 26th, 2010]

When returned result counts are above admin/user preference threshold they will paginate.

Prefixes if using the prefix clicking on one will filter the found set to only show like prefixes

Where applicable when looking at Posts/Replies the parent topic's attribute would be represented.

Polls: limits results to only those with polls
Attachments: limits results to only those with attachments

*Rating threshold - view only topic or replies above or below a threshold.

The results for the forums module will include user or admin preference the option to choose post preview displayed

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I think "View New Content" causes too much confusion. Is it new content for YOU, the member, that is being displayed or is it new content for the board in general(i.e. Recent Activity)? I'd rather have it say "View Unread Content" because that is much more clearer that it is new and unread content for the member that is viewing.

That's all I have to say at the moment, will read the rest later!

EDIT: It's apparently already been considered with the primary options! Nicely done! :D
I like this.

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here is another excerpt..

and a direct link to a viedo http://www.screencast.com/users/oceanwest/folders/Jing/media/017e87dd-062c-4f03-bc8c-bc968bf74ab5

of a feature that I was able to add to my OLD forums - but the learning curve for me to attempt do do so here is at odds with my schedule.

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