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Change in the way birthdays are managed


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At the moment the birthday is not a required field for registration. The birthday when set is put into 3 columns in the database: day, month and year.
The problem is that there is only two choices available to users:
- Show age (have a date in the drop down on the profile)
- Not show the age (no date available for admins to know demographics)

This is a problem for us in terms of demographics. We want to know the age of our members and for this we have to add another required field on registration just for the Year of Birth. Then members see another Birthdate option on their profile. It makes little sense to me.

I would argue that the Birthday drop down should be available to be selected as required if needed and most importantly, a new check box needs to be added to let people choose if they want to show their age or not.

You are giving the members the option to enter their year or not but that is not helpful for us when we need demographics for our advertisers. The only way we can go around this is asking members to fill in twice their birthday letting them know that the second time they enter it is private when they really should be able to enter the date and select an option to hide their age.

Please consider adding this as an option. Asking people in a new field to enter their year of birth has the potential to make people enter a bogus year because they may not want to enter their date. Really the option should be

Select your birthday Day -- Month -- Year
Hide your age from members O yes X No

Please consider this as a future addition to the default profile.

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