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Ive been a IPB user since late October and I love it more and more every day. Thank you for making such a quality product.
Also, Ive been around a few support forums over the past couple years and this seems to be the most down-to-earth, helpful and friendly one Ive been on.

To sum it up, thanks for everything! Its awesome stuff. :wub: :D

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I'll chime in here. I am new to IPB but have years of experience with WordPress, Drupal and a few other things. I've had good experiences and horrible ones. I once lost an entire social community.

What drew me to IPB were the reviews and the fact that one of my newspapers is 5 minutes from their headquarters. So they are local to me. I've spoken to Charles and he is pretty cool. Even if he isn't a PHP expert, haha.

There are several things I like about the product and the company. Two I'll mention are the hosting and the support.

I love that they will host it so you don't have the hosting support guy blaming the software company when something doesn't work. Just one outfit.

But the thing that really impresses me is the support team.

For example I put a ticket in for something on Christmas night or the Sunday after. It wasn't a crucial issue at all and I didn't indicate that it was. I expected to get a response Monday or Tuesday.

I think within an hour or two TWO support guys had responded from opposite sides of the country. One asked for more specifics and the other said it was a known issue.

IPS had announced that they would be closed except for crucial things during the Christmas weekend. But they still jumped on my comparatively trivial ticket.

While their products and hosting are terrific it is their support that will keep me as a very loyal customer and advocate.

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I have been with IPB for a 7 years right now... (22-December 03)...
I have quite a number of web sites and scripts running on my web sites..
All those years and versions, I can say that best thing was THE GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT here....

Yeah I hear the script too... Yes IPB is the best discussion board with lots of goods attached to it... :)

Keep up the good work folks.. :)

Thank you

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