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Admin Control Panel "Clean Up" IPB 3.2.X


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In the interface shown above I was thinking maybe a better way to improve the way it lay out. First I would like to say that going to My Apps and System Settings for setting up an application is a little "pain" if really that it can be called. Going to System Settings for settings then going to My Apps and which has settings, sometimes the same settings from System Settings listing. I feel that the way the System Settings interface itself needs a clean up and sorted in a better way then what it currently is. Iron out the way the information is in the tabs or simplify more so that it easy to find things. For the My Apps listing on the top of the screen I find it if a user has a few more applications to enhance there board it makes the drop down menu expand to a point when it get to long. I would suggest maybe having an interface that is more easy to allow expandability. Something like an click interface or icons listing.

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