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Enhanced Manage Members > Viewing Member List page


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Its a Waste of time if we delete 1 by 1 members from ACP>Members>Manage Members<. Also if we deleting members from page 3 or 4 from the list. so it will redirect us on manage members page#1. Not on that page from where we deleted last member.

So it would be very nice if you add a select Box at the right side at Members > Manage Members > Viewing Member List page where all members showing, So admins can select many/any members at once as they want to delete/move/banned. and add a drop down option same as topic view moderation tools drop down, which offers options to admins to chose any one. and options are:

1. Move selected members
2. Delete selected Members
3.Banned selected members

I Think through this quick options admins can save their time to moving one by one member OR deleting one by one. and this quick options respect their choice to deleting/banned/moving members where OR in which group in one action perform.

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